Astrophotography Prints and Services

Content on this website can be downloaded and shared freely (with appropriate credit).  Your purchases of these products and services will fund equipment, software and website development costs so that I can continue to improve my skills and share the beauty of the night sky with EVERYONE.

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quotesI purchased two hours of Ron Brecher’s time this morning for an extended tutorial using data I had captured earlier. This proved to be immensely helpful and well worth the modest fee he charged. Ron is a master of PixInsight technique.

Jay B.
Utah, USA


Astrophotography Tutoring

  • Setup and use of telescope, mount, autoguider, camera
  • Software setup: MaximDL, FocusMax, TheSkyX and more
  • Image Processing with PixInsight

Custom Data Processing

  • Custom processing of your data





Signed Prints ($25-$75 unframed; $100-$175 framed, plus shipping)

  • Heavy matte or semi-gloss paper
  • High resolution, richly coloured prints
  • Sizes up to 13″ x 19″ (Super B size)
  • Choose any image on this web site