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Sharpless 2-112 Sharpless 2-112 Recent images... Sh2-115 Sh2-115 Recent images... Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) Recent images... Sh2-115 Sharpless 2-115 (Hubble Palette) Recent images... Barnard 361 and IC 1369 Recent images...

Ron Brecher in his observatory Astrophotographer Ron Brecher… I am working to master the art of astrophotography, shooting galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and more. I’ve used just about every digital camera and telescope design. My images are processed with PixInsight and have been published in print and online, used as CD cover art and beer labels. In addition to this website, I share my work at star parties and club events in Canada and the U.S., speaking  on topics related to backyard astronomy and astrophotography. I’ve had several articles published in magazines like Sky & Telescope and Astronomy Technology Today. I’m available to review equipment for manufacturers, vendors and publications, and to help amateur astronomers get the most out of their equipment and image data. Contact me at [email protected] or via the comment page on this website.



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