ASA 10″ Astrograph on Paramount MX

Paramount MX and ASA Scope

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In September 2013, I installed a Paramount MX in my observatory, and mounted my 10″ ASA Newtonian reflector on it.  The camera is an SBIG STL-11000, fitted with HA and LRGB filters from Baader.  The ASA telescope operates at 900 mm (f/3.6) or 1700 mm (f/6.8).  Riding atop the main scope is a 400mm guide scope, and a small white visual finder.  The Paramount MX mount is controlled with TheSkyX software.  I use CCD Commander to automate imaging.  The dew/light shield is home made, using one of my kids’ snow sliders.  I lined it with heavy felt and sewed velcro down the edges.